June’s Markets

The first three weeks of the farmer’s market are under our belts.  We are pleased with the vendors that we have this year, and we keep adding to the variety as more vendors hear about our market and want to come and participate.

Something that has been quite beneficial to the market this year is that we have food vendors that are offering attendees and vendors alike choices in actually having something to eat while at the market.  We have a vendor that is cooking up Sangre’s Best Beef and offering cheeseburgers and hotdogs fresh off the grill, served with salad, dessert and a drink for a reasonable price.

We have the Rocky Mountain Food Truck setting up in the market on Wednesdays.  They are offering breakfast for the early birds and then switching to lunch later in the morning.  Last week she had street tacos that were a big hit with everyone that I spoke to that ate lunch there.

Another vendor that is bringing fresh produce, pasture raised chicken, pork and beef is Nola Naturals from Howard, CO.  They were at the market last year and for people that are looking for organically raised meats and other produce, they are a good place to look.

On a less happy note, the market has been informed by the Town of Westcliffe that having the market at Jess Price park is a safety hazard.  They are saying that starting next year, we will no longer be able to rent the park and hold the market there.  They have yet to let us know where they want to move us, but if you like having the market easily accessible, please let the powers that be know that moving the market is not in the best interest of the town’s residents or the market.

I have created a petition at the following link:  Save the Market petition and if you would like to let the “powers that be” know that you like having the market where it is and would be willing to digitally sign the petition, please click on the link.

Come out and join us at 9:00 tomorrow morning to get your fresh vegetables and other goodies from the market.  We are open on Wednesdays from 9:00 to 1:00 and would love to see you there.



This year’s market

In just over a week, on Wednesday, June 6th, the 2018 market season will begin in Westcliffe.  We will be located at Jess Price Park, on Main Street, just as we have been in years past.  The market runs from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m every Wednesday from June to October.

While we are pleased to have several vendors returning this year, we are excited about the new vendors that have signed up. We have added some new items to the market that will give you, our customers, more choices to choose from.

There will be a variety of items to tempt you as you shop, but as is the “problem” with living at this altitude, produce may be limited some what for the first few markets.  We will have Scot and his wonderful greens, Nola Naturals is returning this year with their organic produce and meats and there may be some others that jump in as crops start producing.

If you are a vendor and have sent in your applications and payments, I have received them and all payments that I have received will be deposited this week.

If you are looking to be a vendor and have not printed out your application, or have any questions about vending at the market, please contact me at westcliffefarmersmarket@gmail.com or at 719-213-9498.  If you get my voicemail, please leave me a message and I will get back to you as soon as I can.  Vendor registration is never closed until we fill up the park and can’t fit any more vendors.

The 2018 Market Season

We have finished updating all of the paperwork to better fit what we are aiming to do and to streamline the process for the market staff and for the vendors.  If you click on the tab that says “Calling All Vendors” you will find an updated description of the market and the types of vendors we are looking for.  You will also, about 2/3 of the way down the page, find the links for both the Vendor Application and the Vendor agreement.  I tried to tie both of the forms together to do it in one click and couldn’t make it work.  It was probably operator error, but they are both there, and both the new and updated versions.

As it states in the paragraph above the links, vendors must fill out both forms and mail them, along with the appropriate fee, to the market at the address provided.  We would like to have those applications by May 15th, if at all possible.

We are also looking for a food concessionaire to sell food at the market.  We think that will add to the overall atmosphere of the market and give the attendees another choice when it comes to having lunch or a snack, here in town.

Kathy Taylor, who did an outstanding job of scheduling music for last years market, has agreed to do so again this year.  We so appreciate the local musicians that come and share their talents with us…it just adds that something “more” to the market.  Thanks Kathy!

Farm and Makers Market 2018

We are in the planning stages for the new season for the farmers market.  We have decided to change the name to better reflect exactly what our market is and what we provide.

Our new name is the Westcliffe Farm and Makers Market.  You can reach us by emailing westcliffefarmersmarket@gmail.com or by messaging us on facebook messenger from facebook on the page for Westcliffe Farmers Market.

This season’s market will run from June 6th to October 10th and will be held on Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

The paperwork for the vendors is being revised and will be available here on our web page as soon as that is finished.

Our market is open to vendors who locally grow, make or create their products or who add significant value with their own hands.  Produce should be grown or gathered as locally as possible and raised in a healthy and environmentally responsible manner.  All food products are required to meet the standards of the Cottage Foods Act of the State of Colorado.  All non-food products and art should be original and of high quality.

If you think you would make a good vendor for the Westcliffe Farm and Makers Market, please submit an application with the appropriate fees.  Our board will review all applications.  The Market reserves the right to return applications that do not meet the above requirements.

If you have any questions, please email and we will be happy to answer those questions.

Come visit us!

We now have the first three markets under our belts and everything is running well.  We had both of our full time produce vendors at the market this past week with great options for your produce needs.

Scot Bowers, a local grower from Centennial Ranch has been bringing gorgeous greens for you all to snap up, as well as a few baked goods that his daughter is producing.  They all look so good.

Brick Street, from Salida, had greens and lovely apricots at the last market.  We look forward to all of the other produce that they will be bringing us in the weeks to come.

There is a possibility of Palisade peaches at our next market on July 12th, as I got a call from someone interested in bringing peaches from his friends farm out in Palisade.

Please come out and support your local farmers market.

Season Opener

After a couple of  hiccups with the start of the market last week, we are off and running.  All of the wrinkles have been ironed out, and we are good to go.  The hours of the market are 9:00 to 1:00, and the location is still Jess Price Park at 4th and Main.

We have some great produce suppliers as well as fabulous crafters.  Come by and see what all of our vendors have to offer.

Market Opening

I would like to, first off, apologize for the miscommunication on the opening of the farmers market.  There were some circumstances that were beyond my control that delayed the opening of the farmers market.  The problems that delayed the opening are being righted and everything should be back on track for the opening on June 21st.

We have some great vendors that have committed to the market and we will have fresh produce, pottery, jewelry,  hand crafted lotions, soaps and essential oils.  We will also have other drop in vendors that will bring things like hand woven rugs.

Please, don’t let the circumstance that prevented the opening on June 14th, keep you from coming and enjoying the market when we open.