Values abound at Westcliffe Farmers Market

By Susan Grijalva

I recently found myself spending several days in the beautiful town of Westcliffe, Colorado. What a lovely spot to visit with spectacular scenery and very friendly people. Since I was in town on a Thursday I happened upon the weekly Westcliffe Farmer’s Market.

A low-stress, no-cooking, low-cost meal prepared with fresh foods from the Westcliffe Farmers Market.

Where I live in Seattle I am a regular at my local farmer’s market and because of my serious interest in food and cooking I’m always on the lookout for wonderful local organic produce. I was pleasantly surprised to find an abundance of beautiful organic produce, plus an array of other vendors selling cheeses, homemade breads and pastries, grass-fed beef, jams and jellies, herbal teas, lotions and even some local singers performing for the market shoppers.

I was delighted by the assortment and quality of the produce and my only challenge was to try to spend the $20 I had in my wallet. I was amazed at how cheap the prices were for great produce. I never did spend all of my $20 and now back in Seattle where I spend triple that amount for organic produce I look back fondly at the Westcliffe Farmer’s Market and wish I had the opportunity to shop there more often.