The 2018 Market Season

We have finished updating all of the paperwork to better fit what we are aiming to do and to streamline the process for the market staff and for the vendors.  If you click on the tab that says “Calling All Vendors” you will find an updated description of the market and the types of vendors we are looking for.  You will also, about 2/3 of the way down the page, find the links for both the Vendor Application and the Vendor agreement.  I tried to tie both of the forms together to do it in one click and couldn’t make it work.  It was probably operator error, but they are both there, and both the new and updated versions.

As it states in the paragraph above the links, vendors must fill out both forms and mail them, along with the appropriate fee, to the market at the address provided.  We would like to have those applications by May 15th, if at all possible.

We are also looking for a food concessionaire to sell food at the market.  We think that will add to the overall atmosphere of the market and give the attendees another choice when it comes to having lunch or a snack, here in town.

Kathy Taylor, who did an outstanding job of scheduling music for last years market, has agreed to do so again this year.  We so appreciate the local musicians that come and share their talents with us…it just adds that something “more” to the market.  Thanks Kathy!