2020 Market Season

What a crazy world we are living in…I don’t think that any one of us could have foreseen what would be going on during the planning stages of the market for this year.  With that said, we are planning to have the market this year, although it will look considerably different.  Our choices for this season were to completely cancel the market or to follow the guidelines and change the appearance of this season’s market.  We chose the latter because we believe that the market is important to our community and we don’t want the community to lose that or to forget about us.

Farmers markets have been deemed as essential and that is what is allowing us to plan to set up the market with our food vendors.  Because of the social distancing and the covid-19 virus, we have tentatively made the decision that we will have the market and invite all of our produce and food vendors to come and set up to provide fresh food for our customers.  We know that this leaves all of our other vendors kind of out in the cold, but the guidance that we have had access to for continuing the market this season is that we have food only and don’t have a “normal” market this year.

There will be some precautions that we have to take to keep everyone safe, but I am excited to get the market under way.

We will be making another post around May 1st when we find out exactly what the requirements we will have to add to the market to have the 2020 season.

If you have any questions, please send us an email at westcliffefarmersmarket@gmail.com.